Who Am I?

Who am I?
I am brasilian arroz branco.
I am ex Jugoslavia mortadella.
I am tunisian makroud and morocann cous cous.
I am all the food tasted, during 80s and part of 90s, through the guests of “Locanda Fiorita” in Corso Torino 26 managed by parents.
I am Sunday my Mum ravioli and her incomparable lasagna.
I am a fiskerboller of my norvegian months.
I am a tuna kimbap and Bokkeumbap of my Korean years.
I am butter chicken and naan of indian expat in Dubai tradition.
I am sweet emirates Umm Ali.

I am all the tasted dishes and nobody of them.
I am fire, pungent hickory and red hot embers. Smoke who penetrates.
Inspired by Grant Achatz del ristorante Alinea.
Brasato Explosion.
Raviolo with classic piedmont jelly left over solidified filling.
Served with hickory smoked Beef Short Ribs Ragoût cooked in slow temperature. Pimpernel leaf and little 30 months parmesan shave.

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