Beef Short Ribs

Beef short ribs is one of the best and most famous, in my opinion, of all american barbecue. 
For this preparation I personally prefer to choose australian or US meat, italian meat is not well fitted for the purpose due to the lack of marbling, aging and probably also different breeding methods.
Night before, if need trim the meat (aka remove fatty parts in excess) and remove also the skirt stick to the bones which otherwise will create a barrier against the smoke. Prepare a simple rub composed by  1/4 maldon salt, 1/4 garlic powder, 1/4 onion powder and 1/4 pepper mix (black, while and pink)

Set up the barbecue with typical snake method for long indirect cooking session, between 5 and 7 hours on average, considering for ambient temperature of 25 degree Celsius to insert about 20 charcoal briquettes (well lighted on) and 40 not lighted as little soldiers yet. Same as in the below image.

Personally I do not like over smoking that’s I put only a big chunk of hickory, on the beginning of the snake so that it will smoke only during the first hour. No water pan.
As soon as your meter measures a temperature about 260/270 Fahrenheit degree (126-132 celsius) put the cold meat on the barbecue (cold meat directly taken from the fridge will help to set a tough the smoke ring), far from the heat source.
Go on without open the lid for about 2 hours, after spritz the ribs with a mix 50% apple vinegar and 50% apple juice (sugar free) for moist the meat every hour. Normally about 5 and 7 hours they are done. I do not check the internal temperature with a meter, I prefer to do the probe test in order to see if they are done, it means to pierce the meat with the meter probe and verify if it runs through as butter. No foil (e.g. wrap the meat during final part in heavy aluminum for make it more tender), i like a more beefy and intense taste.

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