Parmesan Water Risotto

I have never been to “Osteria francescana”, I had honour of knowing Massimo Bottura, in Abu Dhabi during 2014, in the Abu Dhabi Gourmet festival. It was an unforgettable experience.
From that particular day, by the way since many years, I often watch his videos and try to get ideas, in my own little way, some of his famous recipe. In thid case I have realized the parmesan water risotto.
Parmesan water:
– 2 litri di acqua minerale naturale
– 2 liter of mineral still water
Start by grating the parmesan cheese and stir with cold water in a large pot. After bring slowly to a temperature of 80°C, paying attention not to exceed 90°C. When the cheese on the bottom it is starting to be melted you can remove from the heat, cool it down, cover with film and rest for a night.
The day after separate three consistencies in different box.
Creamy part, appeared in the surface, should be picked up with a spoon.
Filter the remaining liquid extracting the parmesan water, with a strong salty taste and milky texture.
Last is the hard part on the bottom of the pot, unsalted, where all the cheese protein have been concentrated.
At this stage you can start with risotto preparation (normally I use 80 gr per person, with parmesan water you can do at least 4 portions), put olive extra vergin oil in a steel pot with double bottom, pour the rise (vialone nano quality is suggested) and start toasting it dry (without mirepoix that would alterate final result) untill when it starting reaching the temperature. At this point start with wetting the risotto with the parmesan water like a normal risotto style with the only precaution of not adding salt. Towards three quarter of total time add a little bit of parmesan cream and, when cooking is complete, far from the heat source whisk the remaining part of the cream by stirring strongly.
Still three elements for finishing the dish are needed.
Parmesan waffle
Take the solid part of the parmesan water containing the protein, formerly set apart, distribute it with a spoon on the baking paper shaping some circles and bake in the microwave for about 60 to 90 seconds with 900 watt power. You will have little crunchy unsalted waffle.
Bacon chips:
Take a bacon (guanciale) slice and cut it in strips, not too much thin, put it in a pan without any added fat, and make it grill with slow heat for some minutes till obtaining crunchy bacon chips.
Peper is one of the prime component for finishing the dish. I have chosen two kind of peppers, slightly toasted in a pan, crushed just before serve. One is the Sarawak black pepper that it has a delicate taste while the second one is stronger pink pepper.
Dish finishing:
I advise to serve the rice in a bottom dish, adding on the top the parmesan waffle cut into parts and stand on it like sail of a boat, bacon guanciale chips and slight dust of fragrant mixed pepper.

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