Fat Boy’s BBQ – Ottawa, Ontario – English Version

Fat Boy’s BBQ – Ottawa, Ontario – English Version

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In the heart of the Canadian confederation’s capital, this restaurant can surprise you with the most demanding palates of BBQ. In front of the room the atmosphere has the right perfume, the colors are the right ones and as soon as you enter the hickory you become more and more present, and from 46 degrees North latitude the rustic furnishings make you drop by more than 15 degrees in a nano second: all senses perceive the southern flavor, the details are cared for and chosen with a genuine genuine passion without ever falling into the carnival typical of the so-called “western chains”. Jack Daniel’s Jackets Woods they make it masters, Lynchsburg Tennessee source materials are everywhere, original that inevitably increase cardiac beats to those who have had the pleasure to peep into that small county south of Nashville … and salivation slowly increases …


Before eating it is a good idea to wash your hands and in anticipation of an experience where your hands will easily play a greater role than using traditional cutlery, it is best to wash them well. As mentioned here, the presence of the mythical Jack is everywhere, the passion for bikers as well as the bathroom is no less: a pearl that prepares you beyond measure to the oncoming experience:


We are there for lunch (late) on a day in the week so we are really few in the room. The table is rustic at the right point, obviously in wood with some sauce. The exterior wooden patio is well cared for and the interior has wonderful southern objects, screens featuring sports channels, in the background the kitchen in a good view and in the background quality country music.
Pick, pinch: Okay, I’m not dreaming I take the menu and the papsticatistics saliva oblige me to think about what to order … At the gentle waitress we order two Coors Light and take time …


The olfactory receptors nowadays make me choose the brisket and among the thousands of accompanying options I go with chilli also with brisket . Above the table: 3/4 of rack of pork ribs and mac & cheese . We should be able to enjoy a good overview of Fat Boys’ BBQ offer.

I do not remember how much time it takes but it does not matter: inside two rectangular steel trays slightly dangling over the typical red and white checkered napkins come to them (the reddish light radiated on our desk is nice but annoying for the cell phone) …


Served with slices, as in the best of traditions, both flank and point. The bark is beautiful dark, crunchy, overturning, slicing the inside appears, the smoke ring is not as deep as it can happen to see in the race but has a tenderness to taste and suck up to melt, the smoker is there, it is invasive then the palate gets the sap of the bark and thanks the sky to be seated firmly on the mighty solid wood chairs. The sauces are available but the raw material is sublime and I do not want to cover it in any way. In the tray that serves as a dish as a side dish there is a chilli that goes sublime with the king of the pot making another kick at all.


Three-fourths of slab also in the above tray, the preparation is in Memphis style, so dry tasty smooth rub is zero sauce on. At the sight the rub appears immediately compact and dry, rough. With a knife and ridiculous pressure, the individual ribs are cut off: the perfect bit is manual, half a moon after half a moon the bones are cleaned virtually from the sun. The outside has a bit of fat, trimmings do not look exactly like race, but the flavor is not lacking … we really like this roughness and “imperfection” formal. Mac & cheese (gobbetti pasta with melted cheese and crunchy bacon flakes) completed this second masterpiece together with the unbelievable cornbread.


A brochure on the table tries to the point that we decide to end up with a delicious home specialty: jack daniel’s milkshake with vanilla ice cream and coffee: BOOM! Afflicted and sunken??

… One more thing …

I read on the menu that the master grill is available to show the kitchen and talk about bbq preparations with anyone interested. I take the ball to the leap and ask the maid if the thing is feasible. She tells me yes and after the sweet brings us to the kitchen limitar and presents us to Rob Plummer .
Rob, or as everyone here calls “the chief”, immediately demonstrates super availability, introduces his kitchen and responds with great transport to the rather detailed questions that I put him. I immediately tell him that I am a BBQ Italian fan but at home I only have a kettle and a smoker in the garden; then I throw it without much hesitation. The chief seems to like it and we talk about half an hour about his story and his baking techniques. Below I have tried to take a look at what we said:

The Pit Chief

He is Ottawa native and has been fond of BBQ since he was a small boy at home. Since early childhood, their first work is done by Mac Donald’s and then goes to a grocery store in a local grocery store until 5 and a half years ago he started working as a pit master at this BBQ restaurant where he puts his infinite passion; and the satisfaction is not lacking. Each year one or two times go physically to the south to have direct experience and take cues to continue to evolve. Among other things, he tells me that as soon as Franklin has resettled after the fire this summer will certainly find him. For him, Frankin is a bit of a legend, and his book that shows me being always present on a shelf of her kitchen is the Bible. (This is my review of Franklin’s “Bible” – RIF ).
In front of his mythical huge Southern Pride smoker we talk a lot about the various preparations from the brisket, to pulled pork, ribs up chicken.


It uses Canadian black angus from Alberta. It is of first class and is very happy with the results it gets (except!).
Smoking is made with Hickory (American Walnut) wood that uses not only to smoked but also to cook all its preparations. She smiles saying that it would be more “convenient” and economical to recover maple trees there in Canada but prefer American walnut: it has a more genuine flavor and consumes little. He brings me to his great Southern Pride (steel smoker) and shows me the wood that he will use for preparing the evening’s ribs – practically three pieces of wood (logs).
Makes injections with meat broth some element tells you to be genuinely genuine without any chemical additives to give flavor or increase the smoke ring. For rub uses a single rub composed of salt, pepper, garlic and paprika.


It shows the slabs that will soon put in the oven / smoker. They are all wonderful with cutting Saint Luis and rubbing from the previous evening:

He tells us that he’s recovering them already and the trimmings really the least possible, leaving us a bit more fat than racing fees and not going to foil. Those ribs that showed us put them to cook low & slow for 4-5 hours, that’s it.
It tells me that for the Thursday you have the all you can eat of ribs prepare at least 100 slab like these! His luck is that it is Wednesday and Thursday I will be away otherwise it would risk coming short?

Pulled pork

Obviously uses boston butt with bone inside, rub and smokes as above.
Time flies, I still have questions for the head but I do not want to take too much advantage of the chief’s willingness to prepare food for dinner.


Another test of how passion and the resulting tension to perfection in what we love to do is the real key to a real healthy success in any field.
If any of the readers who came here to go to Ottawa must come to this place; the best smoke house of all eastern Canada and probably even more; … oh yes then you are in the Capital so there are secondary attractions like the Parliament that deserve to be visited, but better at full stomach.

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